Sunday, May 4, 2014

2003 "Clear Glade Prize" Wrapup

I've just finished reading all of the works shortlisted for the 2003 inaugural "Clear Glade" prize (yes, all two of them!).I suppose there's not all that much to discuss or debate, as there were only two works nominated for the prize in 2003 and they were both, by default, winners:

"The Courtyard of Great Grandfather Grisha" - Vladislav Otroshenko
"Autumn in Taman" - Viktor Likhonosov

I guess what I can say is that of the two, I preferred "The Courtyard of Great Grandfather Grisha" for its 'diabolical uniqueness'.

Over the next two months, I aim to read the 2004 "Clear Glade" prize nominees (yes, all two of them!)

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