Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The 2013 "Clear Glade" Prize

I'm sure its no secret by now that I am a huge fan of the "Clear Glade Literary Prize". "Clear Glade" may not have the largest prize fund attached to it, but (aside from the 'cool-factor' of being run by Lev Tolstoy's great grandson!) "Clear Glade" celebrates works that contain ideals of love for humanity, compassion and morality.I've already read all of the 2003 "Clear Glade" shortlisted works. I'm also currently working on the following list of works shortlisted in 2013(I will add links to reviews as I finish each book): 

As well, Yury Bondarev received a modern classic nomination for his works: "The Battalions are Asking for Fire" and "The Last Shots".

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